Our Pick: Parsons Brewing Company

WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT THIS SPOT: There's a reason Sarah and I frequent this place twice a week, rather there are many reasons. One, they just have a damn cool story. The building is a combination of an old black smith and parsonage, transported to it's currently countryside location and restored, The food is incredible and the breadth of beer they offer caters to my ever-changing mood. I can sip on something light and refreshing (Crushable Pilsner), or be adventurous. Bonus points for a great patio and for catering to us wine lovers with a small menu of locals wines!

THE JUNE PICK: I'm crushing on the PInot Saison, a beer that's aged in a wine barrel - what's not to love about that? For food, you must order the ceviche, tacos, friend bologna sandwich (I know, but you just have to) and fried chicken. So basically bring your appetite. If you're with a group, try ordering family style so you can try a little of everything.

LOCATION: 876 County Road 49, Picton

WEBSITE: www.parsonsbrewing.com


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