Our Pick: Traynor Family Vineyard

WHY WE LOVE THIS SPOT: Traynor Family Vineyard epitomizes the youthful, entrepreneurial energy that differentiates The County from other wine regions. We’re inspired by owner Mike Traynor’s stories of pursuing his winery dreams, including having his 70 years-old parents tighten 8000 bolts on 12’ scaffolding. This winery continues to push boundaries with the edgy wines it produces, including “pet-nats” (naturally-produced sparkling wines), orange wine and vermouth.

INSIDER TIP: This is a local favourite for lunch on Taco Tuesdays, served up by latino streetfood all-stars Guapo Cantina.

THE JUNE PICK: The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc tastes like summer in a glass, and easily stands on par with famous New Zealand “sauv blancs”, a rarity in Ontario.

LOCATION: 1774 Danforth Rd Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

WEBSITE: www.traynorvineyard.com


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