Bike routes that will have you falling for the eastside

We've partnered with our friends at The Brake Room to get you cruising The County roads from The June! We're working together to not only offer-up a couple of bikes for rent onsite, but also three killer bike routes to help you explore the eastside of Prince Edward County.

1. The Coffee Run (6km)

Picton is a few kilometres from The June, so biking to Main Street for your morning coffee fix is definitely not out of the question. For the best coffee - in our opinion of course - is The Vic Café or Miss Lily's. The Vic offers-up fancier coffee drinks, healthy breakfast options and an adorable little patio. Miss Lily's is serving Pilot Coffee and the best bagels around. Basically, you can't go wrong.

2. Brews Cruise (12km)

Just a few kilometers from Picton, you'll find a super cool new brewery, Parsons Brewing Company (read our earlier blog post on these guys). The crew at Parson's has created a chill outdoor hangout spot. The cuisine is mixed between Mexican and Southern Comfort.

3. Lake on the Mountain (12km)

Don't ask us to explain it, but there is actually a lake on this mountain. This is our hilliest route, so be prepared to work for your reward. When you get up to Lake on the Mountain you can enjoy an incredible meal and view at Miller House. We suggest ordering a charcuterie board, a beer flight, and enjoy the breeze off the lake. After all, you earned it!

Ok, so now you're now probably wondering where the winery route is... am I right? Here's the truth. The wineries are a bit of a trek to do on bike. If you're set on biking around from winery to winery, we suggest you drive/cab to Closson Road Cycles to pick-up bikes (that you've pre-booked), bike from winery to winery on Closson Road (just please go to Hinterland and County Road Beer Company), and then drive/cab back to The June.

Click here to hire a bike at The June!


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