Our Pick: Sunday's Company

What we love about this spot:

It was such a pleasure to be enveloped by the soothing aroma of lavender and herbs right from the moment we stepped through the entrance of Sunday’s Company Apothecary, the newest addition to Picton’s Main Street. The most lovable part of this small business is the story behind the all-natural products and the owner who made it all come together, Melissa Condotta, a boss lady after our own hearts! As a former city girl, she moved to the country to pursue a simpler life, fell in love with what Mother Nature offers, and decided to share its gifts to those seeking nourishing products for their body. We love the white brick walls and the uncomplicated layout that allows the wide range of products to speak for itself. Here you will find oils, salves, scrubs, balms, and more products made in small batches, all without any chemicals, preservatives, or fillers, and using ingredients harvested from Melissa’s own land and surrounding forests in Trent Hills.

The June Pick:

Other than the line of Grapefruit and Mint scented bathroom amenities created exclusively for The June, which can be purchased on our gift shop, we are obsessed with the Face Oil Collection and Working Hands Balm! Fresh ingredients are carefully picked to create the Face Oils that treat and balance your particular skin type, be it normal, sensitive/dry, oily, or acne-prone. We highly recommend giving these a try as they are quite light compared to many oil products that may be greasy and heavy. Melissa also pours her love into the Working Hands Balm when she goes into the forest and collects pine needles and birch tree barks to create an extremely hydrating balm that does wonders for those who experience dry hands and feet. One jar will last you forever and makes for a great gift to bring back home for loved ones.

Location: 202 Main Street, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0

Hours: Thursday to Saturday 11am – 5pm & Sunday 11am – 3pm

Website: https://www.sundayscompany.com/

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