The Day in the Life of a June Motel Intern

Over the summer, I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to intern at The June Motel along with Courtney Mann, a fellow Western University student. As “Resident Interns”, we work closely with the owners, April and Sarah, to curate a truly memorable guest experience while also learning about marketing, operations and how to throw a seriously kick-ass event. We’ve lived onsite, above the Lobby Bar all summer long. Most days we’re busy pouring more rosé than we thought possible and working with the owners on various marketing or operational projects, sometimes over wine or beer at a local hot spot in The County! We are considered concierges, so exploring all that Prince Edward County has to offer is part of the job – not bad right? Follow along for a day in the life.

How fitting is it that our uniforms say “Rosé Okay”!

9:30am: But first coffee

We live onsite, so naturally we’re drinking out of the famous June Motel mugs.

You can purchase these mugs on our online giftshop!

10:00am: Connect with April and Sarah

At least one of the owners will usually drop by a few times during the week. Other times, I communicate with them through emails and on our WhatsApp chat to update them on the progress of projects, ask questions, get feedback, set deadlines, and to determine next steps or tasks to take on today. Consider this the daily briefing!

11:00am: Go get brunch

It’s crucial to familiarize ourselves with what Prince Edward County has to offer so we can make the best recommendations for our guests. This is also how we curate content and ideas for new blog posts, Instagram stories and customize itineraries for groups visiting The June.

Insider’s tip: we love The Drake Devonshire’s Poblano Caesar and Drake Burger.

12:30pm: Instagram storying

I check what is on our Content Calendar before taking photos and posting it on Instagram. Sometimes it can be as simple as storying our guests’ experience, or as specific as directing our Instagram followers to The June’s online giftshop and showcasing the products. This past Monday, I got to give our Instagram community a live tour of The June Motel. A first for us – no pressure, right?

Our front of house team looking their Instagram-best!

1:00pm: “Resident Intern” Work

Currently I’m researching Point of Sales Systems that can integrate with The June’s Property Management System and reaching out to companies with good potential to find out more and set up demos.

It almost doesn’t feel like work when I’m sitting at our beautiful Lobby Bar.

3:00pm: Checking guests in

We welcome guests to The June and get them settled in with their room keys and give them recommendations on where to visit during their stay. We also have general maps and winery maps of The County at the front desk so don’t be afraid to ask us for a copy!

Let us not forget a glass of Hinterland Borealis to celebrate the getaway!

5:00pm: Edit a blog post

We get to pitch story ideas to the owners for our blog. Basically, we think “what would our guests like to know about”. The County has turned me into a big pizza fan, so I have been writing one that highlights the best wood-fired oven pizzas – stay tuned that one on the blog soon!

Enjoying good pizza and a good view at Huff Estates!

6:30pm: Setting up a Bohemian Forest Dinner

A big part of being an intern living on site is ensuring any special event happening at The June is running smoothly and everyone is having a great stay! We’ve been hosting these Bohemian Forest Dinners for groups of 8 or more in the back forest. Set on a hill over the motel, it’s a truly magical sunset view and memorable 3-course dinner with local wine. We’re in charge of making sure the table is Instagram worthy.

The faux flower garland is our secret weapon to beautifying the picnic table!

7:30pm: Watch the sunset

I like to relax on the outdoor patio to watch the cotton candy skies and will occasionally even get a smores kit to roast over the fire.

The fire is turned on every night until 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends.

Ask the front desk to get yourself some goey, chocolatey deliciousness!

8:00pm: “Commute” home

Our commute consists of walking up the stairs as we live onsite! The convenience is one of the best perks of the job. From there, it’s making a quick dinner and getting our beauty sleep before we do it all over again! But really, no day is exactly the same… which is also kind of awesome.

Fun fact: April and Sarah are alumnae of Kappa Alpha Theta – Gamma Epsilon, the same sorority chapter that Courtney and I are currently members in. They’re our bosses but also our sorority sisters!

Have a look at this video to get an even better idea of my role as a Resident intern at The June!


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