Just as Prince Edward County captured our hearts in 2016, we’ve fallen hard for Sauble Beach and the surrounding area. This new location offers The June guests a completely different escape: one filled with day trips up the Bruce Peninsula, beach yoga, paddle boarding, sunsets on the beach and poolside rosé.

Golden hour at Sauble Beach #sunsetseekers

Saturday morning beach yoga anyone?

Paddleboarding with friends on Lake Huron is a weekend ritual!

In Prince Edward County, we reinvented the motel experience. We fell in love with the process, from brainstorming the concept and flow to selecting wallpaper and even to flooring those iconic lobby tiles. Ever since we opened The June three years ago, we’ve been dreaming about doing it again. Only bigger and better.

And now's our chance!

We have big plans for our new property, which will open as The June Motel & Swim Club in Spring 2020. We want to make it the ultimate summer destination for everyone.

Our vision? Local hospitality served with a chilled glass of wine on arrival – just the way we like it!

We're about to spend the next six months transforming this spot into the retro motel and swim club it so deserves to be. We'll create a motel destination with a trendy onsite restaurant, a fully restored pool and a gift shop that will be specially curated by us, the Moteliers.

Our design is an ode to a 1970's beach town and a revival of what Sauble Beach once was. Here's a look into what this property used to be in its glory days...

The Knight's Inn was the place to be. Every room was sold out, the restaurant was working overtime and the pool was an escape from busy summer days at the beach. It's no wonder that this past summer we had families stay at the motel who had been returning for over thirty years.

We struck gold with this property. It's got all the retro vibes. It's in a prime location. And, its bones are pretty strong – for the most part!

Once we redesign and renovate this vintage gem, you can expect to return to the good ol' days as you lounge poolside with a cocktail in hand, play shuffleboard with your motel neighbours, build your own nightly campfires and eat at our old school dining lounge.

Want to know more?

There are 24 guest rooms

These rooms were at their prime in 1973 when the motel was originally built. Now, they're feeling a little too dated. Things that have to go? The brown colour palette, faded yellow walls, carpeted floors and floral bed throws. We're pretty much only keeping the T.V.s – don't worry, they aren't from the 70s!

By now, we’ve gutted most of the 24 guest rooms and bathrooms, and we're working on putting one room back together, which we'll call our "Prototype Room". This is where we can test out design ideas and concepts in real life. We’re working collaboratively with Westgrove on the overall concept and two guest room designs and we’ve partnered with Candice Kaye to create a custom wallpaper that will bring the retro swim club vibes to life.

There's an A-Frame

This little A-frame was once a Viceroy showroom, then a storage closet, and now we have some big plans of our own for this little space. We’ve gutted the entire building and are redesigning this space to be the heart of The June Motel & Swim Club. We want to create a beautiful space for people to gather, where they can crack open a chilled can of rosé, choose a record to listen to, and leave Sauble Beach with a souvenir. For this space, think lots of natural light, check-in desk, pool bar, diverse gift shop and morning coffee hub!

There's a pool

We’ve been dreaming about a property with a pool since we bought our first motel! Picture yourself here with a cocktail in hand. We’re can't wait to restore it to an idyllic 70’s motel pool. You know, the kind where everyone kicks back and relaxes under funky umbrellas on a hot summer day. That means the deck needs replacing, the liner needs a refresh and the furniture needs a major upgrade.

There's a retro "Dining Lounge"

This Dining Lounge was once the local hotspot in Sauble Beach, and we're ready to restore it to its former glory days, wood paneling and all. People used to come here for late night drinks, home cooked comfort food and good times with friends.

But, here’s the deal. We’re motel girls. You may even consider us passionate about food and wine, but we’re no restaurateurs. That’s why we’re currently connecting with some talented restaurateurs to partner with for the project.

While we’re not quite sure about the direction of the restaurant just yet, we know we want a hot buttery lobster roll on the menu. It’s a beach must-have!

What are we looking forward to most about our new project?

Welcoming our guests, people like you, with a glass of wine and a smile! We can't wait to share the beauty of Sauble Beach and Bruce Peninsula with you next summer.

That's why for the next 30 days we're giving our online community first access to reservations and other Insider Perks – including a limited number of reservations for our Pool Party Premier Weekend!

Head to our exclusive access page for more info.

See you at the beach next summer!


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